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The term "time is money" has never had so much meaning as it does in today's world. Are you tired of spending hours upon hours trawling through the web looking for free top-quality resources, only to find that, after you have downloaded them, they are not actually free after all? Well I was! Therefore, back in 2002, I decided to create the Free Gear Design website (now FGD). The main aim of this site is basically to save you time and money. Here you can find loads of FREE stuff including Flash buttons, software downloads, tutorials, Web design guide, marketing strategies, money making techniques, reviews and our top 25 design tips. At FGD, we strive to provide you with access to the best FREE stuff available - for nowt!

If you would like us to display one of your tutorials (or a link to a tutorial) or an example of your work, please send it to us using the form on the tutorials page. You could also make use of our services by linking to this site through the FGD FREE Reciprocal Link Exchange program.

Please noteAs you travel through this site, you will come across external links in sections entitled 'Piggy Bank Breakers', These links offer many different types of products that may be of interest to you. Be aware -- these products may incur a fee.

TipFor future reference, why don't you bookmark this page. You can bookmark any page of any site manually using Ctrl+D on your keyboard. On this site we have provided a tool which we have called the 'Jargon Breaker'. This feature will help you to understand confusing technical terminlogy. Once you have activated it, you can also use it on other sites.

Everything on this site is 'up for grabs' at no cost.

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