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If you are looking for freebies, then you have come to the right place! We at FGD have proved the saying 'nothing in this world is free' wrong. All the freebies in this section are freeware, not shareware. Shareware is free for an evaluation period only and requires payment if you want to continue to use it beyond the evaluation period. You could download and install a shareware program and use it freely throughout the trial period; however, some shareware products lack some of the features of the fully functional commercial version. For example, you may spend hours creating an animation using the latest animating software, only to find that you can not export the final product for implementation in to your project. Freeware on the other hand is software that is available for download and unlimited use without charge.

While every effort have been made to ensure that the freeware listed in this section are spyware and viruses free, I would strongly recommended that you download with caution. These programs are stored on third party servers and so we have no control over their quality. If you ever come across malicious software, please contact FGD ASAP so that we are aware of it.

The freeware categories found on this page are as follows:

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TipAfter download and before you install, why don't you test the program for 'nasties' using a FREE malware scanner. The top FREE malware scanners can be downloaded from the FGD Software (freeware) downloads page. Before you download and install any of the FREE stuff obtainable through this section, please read our disclaimer.

If you come across a freebie that is of a similar type to the ones listed on this site, that you think is particularly good, please contact me so that I can list it on this site.

Sub heading - FREE stuff sections
Do you find yourself wondering whether you have the best tool for the job but unable to spend money buying additional software because you are running on a tight project budget? Maybe FGD can help you! The FGD 'Software' section lists the top freeware programs currently available, from Content Management Systems (CMS) to icon builders. If you are apprehensive about downloading software or just prefer not to, the software section also has online builders. In case you are not familiar with this type of application, online builders allow you to create a Website or Website object through your browser. No downloading necessary!

Flash primarily is animating software used to develop interactive and captivating graphics for Web sites as well as desktop presentations, games and Websites themselves. It is a product of the Macromedia company and all objects created by this software needs to be displayed using a FREE browser plug-in called Flash Player. Many people these days have this plug-in installed on their PC and for those who don't, it is very easy to acquire. Most Flash created objects on the Web generally come in the form of advertising banners. The major problem with Flash created objects is that they can be time consuming to build and require Flash skills to create and update. In the Flash page, you can get your hands on FREE Flash objects that anybody (well almost anybody) can use and manipulate.

To find out how to insert Flash buttons into your Web page, see my tutorial 'Creating and Inserting Flash Buttons'.

Web Objects
Web objects include visual objects on the screen that can be manipulated with the mouse and keyboard. These Web objects, also known as Web Widgets, are small applications that run in the user's browser and enrich your Web pages with functionality, useful information and can be immensely entertaining!

The FGD Web objects come as portable embeddable (do not require plug-ins to play) chunks of code written in PHP, Javascript and DHTML . Do not worry -- each snippet of code comes with a step-by-step guide instruction on how to implement them into your Web pages.

The FGD Web objects will help enhance your Website visitors experience and encourage them to return again and again!

Short on time or just looking for inspiration, the templates on these sites will help you create successful and professional looking Websites. The types of templates available from these sites include Flash, HTML, XHTML, and CSS. Please note that some of the FREE templates are FREE but come with usage conditions (for example, the template displays a link back to the authors Website, you must become a member of the site to use the FREE templates or you can not use for commercial purposes). Read the terms and conditions of the site before you use any of the templates on these sites. Not all the templates on these sites can be used FREE of charge.

If you come across a good Website for FREE templates, contact me so that I can add the URL to my list.

Graphics can help you to add a special finishing touch to your site. They can also be used to direct the user's eye to particular areas of your Web page. Graphics can make your website stand out above the rest -- your competitors. They can make an incredible difference in the visual appeal of your website. When you are building a site, one of the biggest expenses can be purchasing graphics to enhance the look or functionality of a page. The Website's listed here can provide you with thousands of FREE images, animations, backgrounds, 3D banners and textual graphics that can bring your Websites to life.

If you come across a good Website for FREE graphics, contact me so that I can add the URL to my list.

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TipWhen acquiring free stuff from the Web, caution should always be taken when downloading any freeware. Sometimes programs described as free, come with hidden costs in the form of trojans, spyware and viruses. These little nasties hide themselves in the programs you are downloading and enter your PC to either corrupt your system or record your personal details.

  • Try and find out if other people have had problems with the program you are about to download -- forums are good for this.
  • Download to the desktop so that it is easily locatable for installing and deleting.
  • Registering an installed free program could mean that you will be subject to spamming or telemarketing -- or both.

Research the program and the site before you download. Try to download from reputable sites only and ensure that you read their terms and conditions first.

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