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We all like getting things for nothing, but realistically speaking when you undertake a project, there are going to be times when you will not be able to escape spending money. Perhaps the FREE products available on the Web do not suit your needs -- or maybe you are having difficulty finding a specific piece of information. I have created this resource for occasions such as these. I was in two-minds whether to have this page because it does not exactly fit in with the FREE theme of the site; however, I thought that you may find it useful.

All the recommendations listed below have proven to be extremely worthwhile buys.  Each was the result of hours-upon-hours of searching for top-quality products. They all have a link to a Website where you can obtain their current price.  Many of the links are to the Amazon Website. This isn’t some crafty angle to promote Amazon or their goods. I have found many of Amazon's and Amazon Market Seller's prices to be the lowest around and their service has always been quick and reliable. If you choose not to buy via this site, at least you have a starting price that you can compare with those listed by other sellers. Before you start buying, checkout the FREE Stuff section first. Who knows -- you may find what you are looking for there!

The types of product found on this page are as follows:

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TipI would like to finish by saying, do not buy a product based on one of my recommendations alone. Find out what other people have to say about them first.

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Office FrontPage 2003
by Microsoft

If you are looking for a professional industry standard Web authoring tool, then this is my recommendation. Dreamweaver offers the choice of three different working environments (visual layout interface, coding environment or split visual and coding). This software integrates well with other leading software including Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Illustrator CS3 and Adobe Fireworks CS3. The CSS support now features a large selection of templates and new tools that can help you to manage styles. It also takes a lot of the strain away if you are not proficient in hand-coding pages with dynamic content. Dreamweaver 8 also has a JavaScript library of code snippets for adding interactive elements to your pages. This is the type of package that a beginner can pick up and use, but the advanced features would require training to master.

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Try before you buy software (shareware)

TipShareware relates to software that is available on a free limited trial basis (normally 30 days). Sometimes this is a fully featured product, other times it lacks some of the features of the commercial version. However, if you need to do a specific task just once, you could use a program while it is in its trial period and then uninstall it when you are finished.

Trial versions of the top industry standard software (including, Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks) can be obtained from Adobe.

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