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My name is Paul Buggs and I am the creator of the Free Gear Design Website (now FGD). When I was teaching I T, many of my students would ask me questions about Web design and the various Web technologies around at that time. In September 2002, I thought that it would be a good idea to set up a Website for these people, and anybody else interested in Web design, as a resource whereby they could obtain help and support. My aim with this site was to provide all the necessary information, software and Web objects that would help them enhance their projects - for nowt!

I hope that you enjoy my site and find its content useful. If you would like to know more about me and the FGD, please read on.

Sub heading - Absolutely free

It has always been my inclination and goal to offer a totally free service to my visitors, whether they are first-timers, one-timers or returning visitors. Lately I have become more and more interested in the way in which the web has evolved. Some people refer to this development as Web 2.0. Some professionals in the field of Web design have dismissed Web 2.0 as useless jargon nobody can explain; however, the fact still remains that the Web has sprouted many new and popular sites that promote a free exchange of ideas and creativity.

Sub heading - Online Community

I am ashamed to say that just lately I have neglected the Free Gear Design Website and failed to uphold one of the top rules in good Web design - to keep it fresh and up-to-date. So I thought to myself that perhaps this would be an ideal time to not only update the content on the site but also give it a face lift and add some new extra features as well. Regarding the new features, my intention is to transform FGD into an online community where it's visitors and members can contribute to help make FGD the best open source site on the Web.

Sub heading - Partnership

As you can well imagine, such a task is monumental in size and a concern of mine was that it would be an unachievable mission for one person. Therefore, help came in the form of a friend of mine who shared my vision for FGD. My new partner in the new FGD project is a freelance Web designer (Clean-Cut Web Design [Kent])who agreed to come on board and help me create the new FGD. If you ever need help with a Website, graphic or Flash project, you can contact him here.

Sub heading - Monitoring

We are both fully aware that one of the biggest tasks facing us is the monitoring of the content provided by our members. We endeavor to ensure that all content on the FGD website is current and of a reasonable quality. Also, if you see or read something on this site that you feel does not comply with our regulations or you have an idea as to how we can improve our site, please contact us. We hope that we can rely you, our valued visitors and members to help us in our campaign to make FGD the number one resource of free stuff on the Web.

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