Heading - Stage 3: Adding Web bling

We all know that word of mouth spreads like wildfire! You can tailor your site to make use of this marvellous marketing phenomenon to boost your Website traffic. Find out how Web bling can be used to keep visitors on your site, get them to refer new potential visitors and help maximise results.

There are several different features that you can add to your website to help visitors remember your site, return to your site and also, bring more traffic to your site. The following 10 features are tried and tested methods used by professionals in the field, that can make a site much more effective and successful.

Sub heading - Feature 1: Tell A Friend

You can add a Tell-A-Friend facility to your website. This will help notify visitors friends of your site via a simple message sending facility, you can get this object for FREE at FGD.

TipRemember to add Tell-A-Friend facility to your main page (index.htm or index.html).

Sub heading - Feature 2: Forum

A forum is a public meeting place for open discussion of various topics online. A forum may also be referred to as a bulletin board or discussion area. Forums come in all shapes and sizes. The main objective is to provide an area where users can interact with questions, answers and discussions on a given topics, with people from all around the world, this is a great way to keep people on your site and keep them coming back, you can set up a great FREE Forum in minutes at ProBoardst.

Sub heading - Feature 3: Internal Search

Add an internal Search Engine to your website, this will enable visitors to find the information on the site quicker, it is document that visitors only spend seconds on a site to find there search information before moving onto the next one. You can get a FREE internal search engine script and tutorial from the Tutorials section.

Sub heading - Feature 4: Hit Counter

Adding a Hit Counter not only makes your site look better but you can use it to track how many people have visited it. You can get a FREE Hit Counters at Easy Counter and Bravenet.

TipPositioning the hit counter at the bottom of the page is considered best.

Sub heading - Feature 5: Blog

Blogs are in these days and adding one to your site will encourage visitors to come back, you can get a FREE blog at Bravenet. Make sure you have time to monitor the blog and it's users.

Sub heading - Feature 6: Icons

Adding an Icon (image) to the address bar icon of your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.) can make your site look professional, to find out how to do add your own icon for FREE click here.

Sub heading - Feature 7: Graphics

Web Graphics are a great way of making your site more popular, you can download some great FREE graphics at freegraphics.org. It is a good idea to save all your graphics and Web Pages in the same folder. If you add your own pictures make sure they are in web friendly formats (JPEG, PNG, GIF) as some files like BMP images will slow the page loading down, for information on different graphic formats click here.

Sub heading - Feature 8: Sounds

Adding Sound can be a good way for people to remember your site. To get some great sound effects for FREE visit Prank Calls Unlimited (prankcallsunlimited.com). Try to use only small sound bites on a few pages as constant sound may distract people from your sites contents.

Sub heading - Feature 9: Bookmark Page

Bookmarking your Page is vital to your web page as it is a great way for visitors to have an anchor point to return to your website. To get a FREE bookmark script and tutorial from the Tutorials section.

Sub heading - Feature 10: Dynamic Objects

Adding Dynamic Objects like Flash (Intro's, Buttons, Menu's), JavaScript, DHTML and Java Applets can make your website stand out from others. To get FREE objects and tutorials click here.

Now that your website has all the bling, you can now find out how it can earn you money by reading Web Design Guide STAGE 4: Making Money with your Website.

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