Heading - Stage 4: Make money on the Web

Website marketing entails spreading the word. Getting people to tell other people -- increasing your client base. When I say people, I am not just talking about your targeted audience here, even chance visitors are able and normally quite willing to recommend your site to someone they know if they believe it would be of interest to them. The more visible and known a site is, the more interesting content it contains, the more successful it is likely to be. There is no point in creating a wonderful looking Website using the latest software; if no one knows that it exists. Then, once you have got your visitors, commonly known as 'Traffic', you need to give them a reason to want to visit again and again!

A term used to describe the methods employed to market a Website and its contents is 'Marketing Strategies'. The current marketing strategies are as follows:

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Sub heading - Strategy 1: Reciprocal Linking

Reciprocal linking should be integral part of your web marketing strategy. As you build your web site you should be looking at building lots of relationships with other site owners whose theme is similar to yours. Done correctly, it can also make your site a better experience for your visitors. Do not ever link to another site just for the sake of linking. Be choosy in your choice of site. A site could rank high in search engines but due to the nature of its content, could prove damaging to yours. Only receive a link from a site if they are prepared to display your link in return.

This procedure of linking has the added affect of exposing your site to an audience that may not normally visit your site. Also, some of the other site's visitors may not see what they want there, and come over to your site instead. And who knows? If they like what they see, they may link to you also.

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Sub heading - Strategy 2: Newsletters

A well-designed and targeted newsletter is an extremely effective marketing campaign because they allow you to communicate with your clients on a regular basis.  Newsletters can be used to keep your client base up-to-date with current promotions, new product information and up-and-coming events, to name but a few.  This marketing strategy can be used freely and simply with email and a mailing list.  The key to effective newsletters is to ensure the readers perceive them as a worthwhile read and not just a sales pitch to flog goods or services.  If they view them as the later, they will be quickly discarded into the nearest waste receptacle, for example – the bin!

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Sub heading - Strategy 3: Optimisation

Online advertising is a marketing strategy that uses the Web to deliver messages that attract customers to a particular Website, and more specifically goods and services. Examples of online advertising include contextual ads on search engine results pages (for example, Google AdWords), banner ads, advertising networks and e-mail marketing.  A major advantage of online advertising is that is not limited by geography or time. Advertisers strive to find new and unique ways of communicating to target audiences through advertising.

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Sub heading - Step 4: Subscription

From a marketing point of view, subscription is a term used to obtain someone's personal information for the purpose of adding them to a mailing list or registration for membership. Subscriptions are generally received using online forms and help to retain visitors who are recognised as having an interest in a particular area of your Website.

Sub heading - Strategy 5: Articles

Writing articles about your site is a good way to promote your website. Submitting articles to ezines is a practice with a dual impact on your profits. It helps you decrease advertising expenses while increasing sales, and it is totally FREE.

Sub heading - Step 6: Feedback forms

Gathering visitor information is a crucial role of a Website and feedback forms provide an easy method of doing this. Whether it is a simple "contact us" form or an elaborate data gathering survey tool, the information received can inform you of the effectiveness of your Website or business. Feedback forms can even be created to attain specific information on particular areas of your site or business. Marketing involves finding out latest trends, attitudes and opinions, and feedback forms are an extremely efficient way of retrieving this kind of information.

Sub heading - Strategy 7: Tell A Friend

Tell A Friend relates to a marketing phenomenon that has been about as long as we have. It refers to "Referral" or "Word of Mouth" marketing where one person tells another and the word spreads like the saying says 'through the Grape vine'. The Tell A Friend marketing strategy has been adopted by Websites and online business as a way of getting regular and chance visitors to tell other people they know, about a particular site that they feel would be of interest to them.

TipRemember to add a Tell A Friend facility to the main page of your Website (index.htm or index.html). You can get a FREE Tell A Friend script (Web object) from the FGD FREE Stuff page.


The following is a list of other ways in which you can tell people about your Website:

  • Talk about your Website on other people's theme related forums
  • Submit your Website address to the top FREE directories (for example, Yell.com)
  • Place on every page the name and address of your company/business
  • Write Articles for Other people to publish on their sites (for example, newsletters)
  • FREE Ads in local papers and online (for example, uk.freeads.net)
  • Post flyers for local businesses to display (for example, neighbourhood newsagents)
  • Include Your Website URL on Stationery, Cards, and Literature

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